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This year's Elmbridge Borough Council election on 5th May will be contested under new ward boundaries which have been determined by the Local Government Boundary Commission, following a decision to reduce the total number of councillors from 60 to 48.  Hinchley Wood will become part of a new Hinchley Wood and Weston Green ward with three councillors.

A summary of the Commission’s report setting out its final recommendations for Elmbridge Borough Council and a full copy of the report is available on its website, http://www.lgbce.org.uk/current-reviews/south-east/surrey/elmbridge. An interactive map of final recommendations is available at https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/4438, and the map below shows the boundaries of the new Hinchley Wood and Weston Green Ward.

Residents will recall that the Elmbridge ruling group's initial proposal was to split Hinchley Wood in half and divide it between Thames Ditton and Long Ditton.  Thanks to the vigorous representations made by residents, the Commission rejected this proposal, but in order to produce a three member ward of the right size, they have determined that Weston Green and Hinchley Wood should be merged, and that the Lynwood estate and adjoining areas areas should be transferred to Long Ditton.  Whilst we very much regret the fact that Hinchley Wood will no longer be a separate ward within its natural boundaries, and that the Lynwood area and part of Portsmouth Road (including Brooklands Road, Paget Place, the scouts/guides hut and the recreation ground) will no longer form part of the ward, the outcome is better than it might have been, and we thank those many residents whose representations to the Commission were instrumental in achieving this outcome.

We have held discussions with Thames Ditton and Weston Green Residents Association about how best to ensure continuity of residents' representation on the Council under the new boundaries.  The Commission's report was received a month later than originally promised, which has led to a tight timetable for agreeing arrangements for nominating residents candidates within the new ward.  There are currently two councillors for Hinchley Wood and two for Weston Green, but there will be only three councillors in the new ward.  This year's election will be an 'all out' one, with all three seats being contested.  Thereafter (starting in 2018), the system will revert to 'election by thirds', with one council seat being contested in each year there is an Elmbridge Borough Council election.  (Note:  these changes only affect Elmbridge Borough councillors, and there is no change in the arrangments for the election of Surrey County councillors).

At the HWRA AGM held on 4th February, our existing councillors, Janet Turner and Nigel Haig-Brown, were nominated to stand for re-election, alongside Tannia Shipley of Thames Ditton and Weston Green Residents Association, under a joint party description of Hinchley Wood/Weston Green Residents’ Associations.  If these three residents candidates are elected, they will together serve the whole of the new ward, and each of them will be available to help with residents' concerns from any part of the new ward.

After the election a joint Working Group between HWRA and TDWGRA will consider longer-term working arrangements leading up to the selection of candidates for the  2018 election and beyond.  In the meantime, HWRA will continue to operate in the normal way, with Road Representatives’  and  General meetings carrying on as usual.



The Post Office have confirmed that refurbishment and relocation of the Post Office counter in Budgens will go ahead in the new year.  The counter will be closed from 12.30 on Saturday 9th January and will reopen at 9 a.m. on Saturday 16th January.  The opening hours will thereafter be the same as those of the shop, i.e. 07:00 to 22:00, seven days a week.

Further information is given in a letter from the Post office viewable here.  The plans for the new counter can be seen by visiting www.postofficeviews.co.uk and entering the branch reference code 07103299.



The Governing Body of Hinchley Wood School is currently determining proposed admission arrangements for entry to the school’s Sixth Form in September 2017.  Details of the proposals and a response form can be found on the school website at www.hinchleywoodschool.co.uk (click on ‘Information’).  The closing date for comments is Friday 22nd January 2016.
Please note there are no changes proposed for admission arrangements to Years 7-11 – the changes above relate to admission for Sixth Form entry only.



RAGE in Elmbridge (Residents Action Group Elmbridge) is a new group set up to oppose Heathrow flightpath changes and expansion plans.  Fed up of increased flight noise?  Want to make your opposition to Heathrow expansion plans and increased noise and air pollution known to Elmbridge Borough Council and Dominic Raab M.P.? 
If so, you can join the group by emailing RAGEinElmbridge@gmail.com or find them on Twitter: @RAGEinElmbridge
The issue has previously been taken up by a local resident with  Dominic Raab.  His reponses and further correspondence with Airport Watch and Heathrow Airport can be seen here.  The correspondence includes information about the Heathrow Community Noise Forum, through which concerns about aircraft noise and related issues can be expressed.

A vivid impression of the volume of air traffic movements in South East England can be gained from a simulation viewable on the BBC news website.



This year’s FunDay on Saturday 12 September was a great success, with a very fortunate gap in the showers making for a warm and sunny afternoon in the Memorial Gardens.

 Deputy Mayor Councillor Tannia Shipley opens the Fun Day, with HWRA Councillor Janet Turner looking on.

There was also a very successful collection of items for refugees, whose organisers would like to thank Hinchley Wood residents for their support.



Concerned residents have organised a petition to Surrey County Council urging the provision of a pedestrian crossing at or near this busy and dangerous junction, to make it safer for the many school children and others who cross the road here daily, and as a traffic calming measure on a stretch of road where speeding is a continuing problem.  If you would like to add your name to the petition, you can do so at Crossy's Home and Garden (26/28 Manor Road North).



As part of their national modernisation programme, the Post Office are planning  changes at the local branch in Budgens supermarket.  Services will be offered from a low-screen open-plan service point, with longer opening hours, including Sundays.  Most current services will still be provided, though some (including international parcels over 2kg) will be withdrawn, and customers will have to go to another branch for these or go on line.  The office will be closed for up to seven days in January/ February 2016 for the refurbishment work to take place.  Further details, including how to submit comments, can be found in the Post Office's letter viewable here.



The incidence of scams of various kinds continues unabated. You could be approached to reinvest your pension fund or take out medical insurance, but it could equally be anything else: double glazing, solar panels, security alarms, a damages claim for PPI mis-selling, road accident or medical negligence, or many more, including people falsely claiming to be from your bank or credit card issuer.
Regardless, however you are contacted (by email, phone, letter, or doorstep caller),and no matter how convincing the approach might seem to be, the safest and most sensible response is to ignore it or just say ‘no thanks, I’m not interested’ and refuse to participate in any further discussion.
For more tips on how to avoid getting caught out, see the Spring/Summer 2015 Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter, and please pass the message on to elderly or vulnerable neighbours, friends or relatives who are so often preyed on by these unscrupulous criminals.

These major cycling events will once more take place on 30th and 31st July 2016, with resulting road closures around Hinchley Wood on Sunday the 31st.



Updates on major planning issues can be found in newsletters from the 'Save Hinchley Wood' group, copies of which (number 35 onwards) can be viewed here.

Meet the Beat:  Our local officers hold regular informal sessions where residents have the opportunity to meet up with them and have a chat about any local issues which may be of concern.
Please see the police team's web page for more details at:http://www.surrey.police.uk/my-neighbourhood/elmbridge/eldh/meet-the-neighbourhood-team

Neighbourhood Watch:  read recent Molesey, Dittons and Hinchley Wood Neighbourhood Watch newsletters here.

Incidents of anti-social behaviour can be reported online at http://www.elmbridge.gov.uk/Council/safety/, or by
telephoning the community safety team on 01372 474399.

Immobilise database: this initiative gives residents the opportunity to register their moveable property at www.immobilise.com for free. This database of serial numbers entered by owners into a personal account is accessible by police on the beat countrywide. Using hand-held devices they can check, on the spot, whether an item e.g. a bicycle or any of “four satnavs in a rucksack” have been reported stolen.
In addition, cash convertors are required to check the database before concluding a transaction, and to inform the police at the time, if a hit indicates that an attempt has been made to sell stolen goods.
Obviously, to work effectively and to stand any chance of being reunited with your property, you need to register any property with a serial number or other identifying marks, and to report items that are lost or stolen.


The Residents' Panel is made up of local residents and who are asked for their views on the Council's services two or three times a year. This could be about anything the Council is working on e.g. council priorities, budget, recycling, crime.  It is part of the Council's drive to make it easier for residents to 'Have Your Say'.

In particular the Council are trying to promote an online panel as this means they can consult residents in an extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly way. The link to join the online panel is www.elmbridge.gov.uk/consult.  However, if any residents would like to join but do not have computer access they can still join the postal panel by ringing Stephanie Barker on 01372 474394 (sbarker@elmbridge.gov.uk).


More volunteers are still needed to help with Hinchley Wood Care.  For more information please see clubs, societies and voluntary organisations.


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Did you know that the LWT series 'The Charmer' (1986), set in the 1930s and starring Nigel Havers, Rosemary Leach and Bernard Hepton, was partly filmed in Hinchley Wood? You can see some pictures of the filming here. It is also available on DVD from Amazon, but note that you will need a multi-region player.

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