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We are pleased to report that a new planter has been installed behind the cycle racks at the station at the initiative of HWRA, with the support of the Bee Friendly Trust ( ).


Councillor Bennison has provided a detailed written reponse to questions about highway maintenance which were raised at the meeting on 10th May 2018, but which there was not time to cover fully at the meeting itself. This can be downloaded here.


From 1st September 2018, a new multi-operator bus ticket called Acorn has been introduced, giving unlimited travel for a day or week on most services in Elmbridge, Runnymede and Spelthorne and the eastern part of Woking.

When Abellio ceased to be the operator of most services in north Surrey, several different operators took over and tickets were not transferable. The new Acorn ticket can be used across services of multiple operators, making travelling with more than one operator easy and offering better value.

It will be sold by 13 different operators covering 33 local bus services. Tickets can be bought on the first bus used, with a day ticket costing £7 and a weekly ticket £30 (children travel at half fare).

A leaflet giving full details, including a map of the services covered, can be downloaded here .


Elmbridge Borough Council has been granted a three year protective injunction banning the setting up of unauthorised encampments and fly-tipping on all identified public land. Following on from the recent three-month injunction granted in August 2018, on Thursday 8 November the High Court extended that injunction for a further three years. The injunction covers all of the Borough’s parks, open spaces and car parks.

The injunction prevents any individual from occupying land or depositing waste as well as stopping anyone from entering, or occupying any part of the land for residential purposes, including caravans, mobile homes and vehicles. This has proved a very effective deterrent during the temporary injunction. It will also avoid the Council's having to obtain court orders for the removal of these encampments, which can take several days to obtain, and will authorise High Court enforcement officers to move people on if they take no notice of the injunction order. Failure to do so can result in imprisonment, fines or seizure of assets.

The Council evidenced large-scale fly-tipping and the cost of clearing it, damage to gates and barriers, lost parking income and the large increase in the number and size of recent encampments as well as the significant impact on communities living adjacent to each encampment and the loss of community facilities during the summer.

2018 has seen an unprecedented increase in levels of unauthorised encampments in Elmbridge, totalling 27 on public parks and open spaces as well as other recent encampments on privately-owned land such as Painshill Park. The size of these encampments has also risen dramatically with some encampments being over 60 vehicles in size.


An application to Elmbridge Borough Council has been made for planning permission to develop the site at No. 4 Greenways, No. 6 Manor Road South and No. 4 Grace Lodge, Manor Road South.

The proposed development will comprise of a ‘detached part four/part three/part two-storey building providing 35 independent living units’.

Please go to Application reference number 2018/0746 to view plans and documents.

A resident has prepared a guide to possible grounds for objections, which can be downloaded here .


There have been three knife-related incidents in and around Hinchley Wood recently.  Thankfully in all three cases, swift police action resulted in apprehension of the culprits.
6th January: Police arrested a 14 year old youth in Hinchey Wood for carrying an 11” kitchen knife.
12th January: Two boys aged 14 and 15 were arrested following an assault on a group of teenage boys at the Woodfield Road rail bridge. The boys, from Kingston-upon-Thames, were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder on 14th Jan. One boy was taken to hospital with stab wounds where he remains in a serious but stable condition. A second boy was also assaulted but has since been released from hospital.

14th January:  Following an incident on the Molesey/Walton borders earlier, police chased and apprehended a man in Beauchamp Road, West Molesey. He was found to be in possession of a knife and is now in custody.

In response to the recent increase in anti-social behaviour, crime and disorder around Thames Ditton, Weston Green and Hinchley Wood, a rolling dispersal order for the area under S34 ASB Crime & Policing Act 2014 has been authorised.

The order commenced at 4pm on Friday 18th January and runs between 4pm and 2am every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 1 month, after which it will be reviewed. These are the times when the vast majority of incidents have occurred.

A map showing the dispersal zone is shown at right.

Under the order, a constable in uniform can give a direction for anyone suspected of contributing to anti-social or criminal activity to leave the area, and exclude them for a period of up to 48 hours. If the person refuses to leave or returns then they can be arrested. Anyone under the age of 16 years can also be taken to their home address by the constable in the first instance.

Residents can expect to see an increase in police presence in the area over the coming month, which it is to be hoped will be effective in dealing with this problem.
[18th January 2019]

Update 28th January 2019:
Following a further incident in Thames Ditton and an intelligence review, the dispersal order has been extended to cover a much wider area, and will operate for longer hours (2 p.m. to 2 a.m.) and additionally on Thursdays.  Dedicated officers have been drafted in to enforce the order, and Surrey Police are working with the Metropolitan Police and British Transport Police in an effort to stamp out this activity, which the police believe is centred on two identified groups in Kingston and Elmbridge.

Update 20th February 2019: 
The local police team has reported that the rolling dispersal order and increased police presence has had the desired effect. The troublemakers from Kingston appear to have stopped coming into this area, and the police believe that this is because of the dispersal order and increased police presence. The dispersal order has now concluded, but the police are monitoring activity daily, and if there is a return to the violence and other anti-socal activity that we previously saw, they will respond accordingly.  An increased policing presence remains in the area on both late and night shifts.

Update 10th June 2019: 

A 15-year-old described by a judge as a “significant risk to the public” has been jailed for the stabbing attack on 12th January.  The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons and was 14 at the time of the stabbing, was jailed for six years and eight months on Monday (June 3) after pleading guilty to causing grievous bodily harm, handling stolen goods and possession of a bladed article at Kingston Crown Court.  The judge increased his sentence for a further year, to seven years and eight months, due to the boy being involved in further violence while in prison awaiting trial and described him as a “knife wielding youth who played a leading role in the attack and a significant risk to the public”.


Come rain or shine, the HWRA litter picking team goes out one Saturday in every month to tidy up around the village. If you would like to join them in this community work, please contact Roy Turner on 020 8398 1565 or email .


As residents will recall, Elmbridge Borough Council is obliged by central government to produce a Local Plan, with a target of providing  9345 new homes in the Borough over the next 15 years.


The next round of consultations on this process will begin on 19th August 2019, with the official publication of a new consultation document on the options.  This will be available at: . Copies will also available to view in local libraries and at the Civic Centre in Esher.  In the meantime, a draft of the document can be seen by following the links on the EBC website ( via ‘Your Council’ to the Cabinet meeting of 24th July.


The previous three options under consideration have been increased to five, with various combinations of more intense urban area development and release of Green Belt land.   Three of the options would affect the Long Ditton Green Belt adjacent to Hinchley Wood (Local Area 58) - see map.  However, the Council makes no recommendation as to a preferred option.

It is therefore most important for residents to make use of the opportunity offered to make their views known through the consultation process.


To this end, the Council will be holding a series of consultation meetings.  The one for The Dittons and Hinchley Wood will be on Tuesday 3rd September from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Civic Centre, Esher. For further details and information about how to book a place at the meeting see Calendar.

The Council received a large number of comments to its initial consultation - around 50,000 from 3,760 respondents. All comments were read and registered. The key issues raised were reported to Councillors and a Summary of Consultation Responses was published, as well as the individual comments received to the Consultation. Further details can be found on the Elmbridge Borough Council website at .

A copy of the HWRA response to the initial consultation can be seen here .

An action group, Save HWLD Green Belt , has been formed to campaign against development on the local green belt and to seek 'Village Green' status for Stokes Field and One Tree Hill, thus ensuring that it could not be built on. The group's latest flyer can be  downloaded here . Please note that the group is independent of HWRA, and that HWRA cannot take responsibility for the use of any funds which residents may care to donate to the campaign.


Surrey County Council have launched a consultation on new parking restrictions, including replacing part of the existing restrictions in Station Approach with double yellow lines.
The proposal is to revoke existing single yellow lines ('No Waiting Mon-Fri 8am-9.30am') opposite numbers 22-32 Station Approach and replace with double yellow lines 'No Waiting At Any Time'.   The Council justify the change on the grounds that: " The road is too narrow to support parking on both sides of the road. This poses an unacceptable safety risk for residents of the properties at the western end of Station Approach and users of the train station / network. The DYLs are proposed in order to maintain access by larger vehicles to the road".
It is also proposed to revoke the existing disabled parking bay ('At Any Time Blue Badge Holders Only') outside number 24 and replace it with single yellow lines 'No waiting Mon-Fri 8am-9.30am' to match existing on site arrangements.
Further details, including a plan showing the proposed changes and an online comment form, can be found at
The deadline for comments is 5th July.


So-called 'Nottingham Knockers' have been causing problems in the neighbourhood recently. These young men, often claiming to be ex-offenders on probation schemes go door-to-door peddling small household items such as tea towels. If turned away they can become abusive. They may also be involved in reconnoitring properties with a view to more serious crime such as burglary or exploitation of elderly vulnerable residents. Residents are advised not to make any purchases from these people, as this may encourage further activity in the area, and to report  sightings to the police on 101. This will help the police to build up a picture of where and when these activities are taking place, and take action to put a stop to them.

Read more  (external site)


Surrey County Council have published an interactive map of parking restrictions in the county.

This can be seen at:


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