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Since 2016, Hinchley Wood and Weston Green have been combined in a new ward.

HWRA has worked closely with Thames Ditton and Weston Green Residents' Association to ensure that residents of the new ward continue to enjoy the benefits of having Residents Association councillors.

All three seats in the new ward were won by Residents candidates in the all-out election held in 2016. The system returned to the normal 'election by thirds' pattern in 2018.  Nigel Haig-Brown and Janet Turner were re-elected in 2018 and 2019 respectively.  Following a one year extension of her term, Tannia Shipley stood down at the May 2021 elections and Gill Coates was returned to serve until 2024.

Hinchley Wood and Weston Green Ward Councillors

Gill Coates (Thames Ditton and Weston Green RA), Nigel Haig-Brown and Janet Turner

Your residents councillors live in the ward, know it intimately, and are always on hand to deal with residents' questions and concerns.

For more on your Hinchley Wood and Weston Green councillors, please visit

Janet Turner

Councillor Mrs Turner is the Hinchley Wood Residents Association Group Leader.

She was born in Hersham in the late thirties, and attended local schools. She and her husband Roy moved to Hinchley Wood in 1983. Apart from a career break as full time mother to her two children, Janet has worked in the accounts department at a local electrical engineering company, in the finance/audit and marketing departments of the Milk Marketing Board, and in the NHS.

Since becoming a councillor in 1995, her principal aim has been to keep Hinchley Wood a green and pleasant place in which to live, by maintaining a keen interest in the issues relating to land development planning, flooding and crime prevention, local amenities and services. In addition she is involved with community groups looking after the environment and with local traders organizing social events.

Janet has served on all the main Council committees. As the portfolio holder for Leisure and Culture, she became very involved with the procurement of the new Excel Leisure Complex, which was built seven weeks ahead of schedule and on budget. She was also involved with the decision to support Mercedes Benz World and the construction of the 60 acre Brooklands Country Park – at no cost to the taxpayer – and the highly acclaimed Heart Centre at Walton on Thames.

The protection of the environment is at the top of her agenda. She is a keen advocate of recycling, composting, walking or cycling instead of using the car and the economical use of all energy sources. She believes strongly in the preservation of the green belt, and welcomes the new commons management plans which have been agreed with English Nature after a lot of hard negotiating. She has been closely involved in many planning issues since becoming a Councillor, notably the successful campaign to overturn a planning application by the McDonalds fast food group, and the housing development of the Lynwood site, which was one of the largest projects seen in Hinchley Wood since its foundation.

Janet was a governor of Hinchley Wood Primary School for many years.

In 2012 (the Queen's Jubilee and Olympic year), Janet was Mayor Elmbridge. Her personal interests are cycling, keeping fit and healthy, skiing, badminton, reading, interior decoration, sewing, world travel, and spending time with her children and grand children.

From 2016 to 2018, and again since 2019, she  has been Council Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture, responsible for Arts & Culture; Sport & Leisure; Parks & Recreation; Promoting Healthy Lifestyles; Youth; Children's Issues (including Member Champion for Child Protection); Museums; Public Halls; Cemeteries; Tourism; and Public Conveniences. Following the 2019 election, she was appointed Deputy Leader of the Council, as well as resuming the role of Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture and sitting on the Licensing and Main Planning Committees.

2 Montgomery Avenue
Hinchley Wood
KT10 9BB
Tel: 020 8398 1565

Nigel Haig-Brown

Nigel has lived most of his life in Surrey. He first moved to Hinchley Wood in 1996 and was Chairman of Hinchley Wood Residents’ Association between 2006 and his election as a Borough Councillor in 2014.  He is married with a daughter and 2 stepdaughters, both of whom have children and live nearby. His wife Sue, is an HWRA road representative.

He is an alumnus of Ottershaw School, the Graduate Business Centre (The City University, London) and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He spent his working life based in London, initially in audit and consultancy, before completing a 20 year spell in the shipping industry (dry bulk sector).
Now retired, Nigel devotes time to his duties  as a Court Assistant and Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers.  His leisure interests include long distance walking, skiing, sunny holidays and tending his allotment.

He is passionate about:

  • Preserving the local commons and maintaining the openness of the surrounding countryside, as well as protecting the Green Belt

  • Maintaining the health of a thriving local community

Nigel is Vice-Chairman of the East  Area Planning Committee and sits on the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and the Audit and Standards Committee.

53 Heathside
Hinchley Wood
KT10 9TD
Tel: 020 8398 4060


The results for the election held on the 6th of May were as follows

COATES Gill    Hinchley Wood / Weston Green Residents' Associations    1711    59.2%    Elected
HERBERT Geoff    The Conservative Party Candidate    575    19.9%    Not elected
AMBEKAR Liz    Liberal Democrats    502    17.4%    Not elected
SAMUEL James William    Labour Party    101    3.5%    Not elected

The turnout was 45.1%.

We once again thank residents for their continued support of their Residents' councillors. 

On the Council as a whole, the Conservatives  lost three seats, Residents gained 2 and Liberal Democrats 1.  The result is No Overall Control, with the Conservatives on 18, Residents on 19 and Liberal Democrats on 11.  Consequently, the Residents-led administration formed after the 2019 election will continue, with  Liberal Democrat support.

HWRA Councillors since the formation of Elmbridge Borough Council

1973 Mr L Bailey, Mr W Gibson, Mr N McMahon

1974  Mr R Sadler, Mr W Gibson, Mr N Mc Mahon

1982  Mr E Sellers, Mr W Gibson, Mr N Mc Mahon

1984  Mr B Chesover, Mr W Gibson, Mr N Mc Mahon

1988  Mr B Chesover, Mr W Gibson, Mr C Harvey

1990  Mr B Chesover, Mr W Gibson, Mr N Phillips

1991  Mr B Chesover, Mrs E Fisher, Mr N Phillips

1992  Mr P Highley, Mrs E Fisher, Mr N Phillips

1995  Mr P Highley, Mrs J Turner, Mr N Phillips

1998  Mr A Walmsley, Mrs J Turner, Mr N Phillips

2000 [1]  Mr A Walmsley, Mrs J Turner

2004  Mr J Mulder, Mrs J Turner

2010  Mr F Dabell, Mrs J Turner

2014  Mr N Haig-Brown, Mrs J Turner

2016 [2]  Mr N Haig-Brown, Mrs J Turner Mrs T Shipley (TD&WGRA)

2021  Mr N Haig-Brown, Mrs J Turner Mrs G Coates  (TD&WGRA)

[1] Boundary changes, reduction to two councillors
[2] Boundary changes, amalgamation with Weston Green to form Hinchley Wood and Weston Green ward.


Councillor Nigel Haig-Brown

020 8398 4060

Councillor Janet Turner

020 8398 1565

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